Fire Place Ministry


​​                                                                  Desiree Antonelli is the founder of Fire Place Ministry (FPM) where                                                    she currently serves as a Christian radio talk show host.  Fire Place                                                      Ministry was birthed in May of 2015, when Desiree heeded the call of                                                  God to take the Gospel to a hurting and dying world through Christian                                                radio.  Desiree has a heart to spread the Good News of the Gospel                                                        message of Jesus Christ through words. 

    Desiree was born and raised in Long Island, New York.  As a young adult, Desiree attended a           local college and obtained a degree in Hospitality Tourism Management.   In 1996, while                 working in this field, Desiree continued her search for the right career and became a certified         Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), where she worked at the Myrtle Beach Rescue Squad for       a short time, but was drawn by a strong conviction to respond to the call of God on her life.             Shortly thereafter, Desiree relocated to Pensacola, Florida, area during the Pensacola Outpouring     and enrolled in the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM), where she received her               degree in practical ministry.  In 2002, Desiree became a licensed and ordained minister of the         Gospel, credentialed through Liberty Network International (LNI) under Apostle Buford                   Lipscomb and Pastor John Lambert and is currently recognized as an Evangelist.

    Desiree has worked as a Christian drug and alcohol (pastoral) counselor ministering to persons       bound by chemical dependencies.  She has worked with the homeless population and has more       than 15 years’ experience working “hands on” by demonstrating the goodness of God through         rescue and recovery.  Desiree loves helping people come to know the love of God and come to           know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  In 2002, while working within the local                     community, Desiree received a diploma from the International Center for the Enhancement of         Learning Potential, which is based out of Jerusalem, Israel.